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"The most important aspect of love is not in the giving or the
receiving: it's in the being."

Ram Dass


I’ll never forget how you told me over the phone last time that ‘this could be an opportunity for me to make 180 degree change, and make it the best turning point of my life.’ That was powerful. And it was spot on. It stuck with me. Now I think about that sentence every single day and use it as inspiration, so that one day I can look back and say “damn look how far I’ve come”!! Thank you endlessly for making a drastic change in my life – I’ll forever remember everything you’ve done for me, I mean that. Much love to you Stephen. You’re amazing. I’m thrilled about the future. Sending you and your family all the love and blessings.”~ Immanuel

My Coaching isn’t for everyone. You must be both committed and courageous. It’s the only way to truly create miracles. If so, I will call you forward with love into your truest and greatest expression.

My clients and I form sacred partnerships built on a strong foundation of connection, trust, and possibility.

I will invite you into the discovery of your own love, wisdom, and power to create your dreams.

While parts of the path can be difficult, the journey of miracles is ultimately beautiful, expansive, and exhilarating.

You will meet the most wonderful version of yourself (the return home).

You will experience great freedom, fulfillment, and success.

My commitment is for my clients to feel fully seen, heard, and supported, while feeling deeply moved and inspired to become who they choose to be, and for their minds to be blown by the breakthroughs, shifts, and miracles we create together. 

My clients are legends of love, leadership, and service. They span around the world and across industries from influencers, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, and international athletic champions, to coaches, doctors, lawyers, authors, students and more.

I work one-on-one with clients and Sessions are conducted primarily by phone.

To explore the possibility of working together, please email Serious and appropriate inquiries only. 


* $100,000 USD for a 12-Month Commitment (weekly 60-minute Sessions) *

* $50,000 USD for a 12-Month Commitment (bi-weekly 60-minute Sessions) *

* $60,000 USD for a 6-Month Commitment (weekly 60-minute Sessions) *

* $30,000 USD for a 6-Month Commitment (bi-weekly 60-minute Sessions) *

This is an extraordinary investment and display of self-love that creates the quality of commitment required to produce miracles.

All investments are non-refundable. If you decide to quit for any reason, your remaining Sessions will be gifted to a student of my choosing. The Fully Committed Promotion (20% OFF if paid in full) is now available. 

Two of my favorite definitions of a miracle: (1) a shift from fear to love, and (2) the materialization of an unimaginable possibility. We create a space for miracles to occur and we have a ton of fun as we expand and deepen our capacity to love, serve, and create.

To say that coaching with Stephen Sainato has been transformational would be an understatement. ” ~ Dr. Melissa De La Cruz

Video Testimonial


About Me

What I want you to know about me is that I am a World-Class Coach.

I have over 11 years of sobriety.

I graduated law school first in my class and practiced corporate law at an elite international law firm where I excelled and accomplished unprecedented results.

I have Coached clients to fulfill possibilities beyond their imagination, including genuine self-love, healthy and happy relationships, total well-being, spectacular professional success, financial freedom, transitioning into dream careers, and making a meaningful difference for humanity. 

I am continuously moved by my clients’ acknowledgments and gratitude for our work together. I save many of their messages in a folder on my phone. One of my favorite text messages that I received said “My whole life changed on our call today.” And part of a message I received this Holiday Season read “This has been the best year of my life.” These messages mean more to me than I could ever possibly articulate. 

I am deeply in love with my wife Kylie, our daughter Vella, our two cats Georgie and Jaxy, and very grateful for the incredible relationship, family, and life that we have built together.

I have an unwavering faith in the God of my understanding.

And I was once a professional tap dancer in New York City 🙂

What I also want you to know about me is that I struggled with drugs, alcohol, perfectionism, people-pleasing, anxiety, depression, and the adverse affects of trauma for many years and I sometimes still do.

Life has not always been easy, and I am still very much a work in progress, like the rest of us.

For many years I hid behind a mask.

I hid my emotions and fears, and pretended like everything was okay. 

I suffered in silence for decades before hitting rock bottom in 2011 when I wrecked my vehicle while blacked-out drunk.

Fortunately, that was exactly what I needed to wake up and step onto the path of recovery that would ultimately set me free and get me here. 

The best part is that my most challenging life experiences are now my greatest assets and authentic sources of empathy and compassion as a Coach.

Whether we ever get the chance to work together or not, I want you to know that you matter, your life makes a difference, and that you are beautiful, wonderful, and whole and complete, as is. At your core is pure innocence and love. It’s okay to have made decisions and taken actions that didn’t reflect your best self. We are all human. We all make mistakes. And we are all works in progress. Know that you are loved and that you are love. You are always divinely protected, guided, and supported. Steer your imagination in the direction of your dreams and go after what you believe in with true commitment. That’s how miracles happen. Work hard and work smart, and be the best and most you. I love you and I believe in you. 

~ Stephen

Stephen is one of the most loving, profound, invested, dependable, and empowering coaches I’ve ever had the honor and privilege to work with.” ~ Alejandro Navia

The words below are not about me or the authors; they are possibilities for you.


  • Video Testimonial by Dr. John Nguyen

  • "I just had a 2-hour intensive coaching session with Stephen today and I feel compelled to share my feedback.

    Stephen is an extraordinary human being and one of the finest coaches in the world.

    I don’t say that lightly.

    I’ve been in and around personal development, coaching and therapy for the last 25 years so I know a great coach from a “meh” coach.

    Stephen is exceptional.

    I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who has his presence.

    He listens deeply like his life depends on it.

    He has the rare gift of being able to see what most people miss.

    Insight after insight.

    The way he sees you, gets you, and holds space for you makes you realize your magnificence.

    And his heart is HUGE ♥️

    He is worth every penny. And more.

    Thanks Stephen. You really are a gift and I’m so happy I met you. Much love, Charles ♥️✌️"

    Charles Portugal


  • The incredible Rasean Miller made a YouTube video as a beautiful tribute to me and to share with you a superpower to create miracles:

    Rasean Miller

    Founder and CEO, NuWorld Energy

  • "Stephen is one of the most loving, profound, invested, dependable, and empowering coaches I've ever had the honor and privilege to work with. His service in my life has invited me to step into my highest, truest self while building my business, my coaching career, and my life. My business and life are thriving in the most authentic ways thanks to Stephen’s guidance, partnership, and coaching. Stephen takes an incredibly unique and compassionate approach to all of life’s opportunities. Being a man of faith and high achievement myself, Stephen was able to understand, engage, and guide me through many of my challenges, specifically in becoming a new coach. If you’re considering Stephen as your coach, I highly recommend that you take action. Miracles will happen. Anyone looking to discover/create themselves, their path, and their divinity in this world, Stephen is your coach. He is a not only a world-class coach, he's an incredible friend and a wonderful mentor.

    Alejandro Navia

    Co-Founder and President, now media

  • “To say that coaching with Stephen has been transformational would be an understatement. Stephen has been much more than a coach for me. In a few short months, he’s pushed me to stretch the limits of my comfort zone, expanded my self-awareness, strengthened my confidence, helped me finally find balance, and grow through the challenges of growing & leading a successful multi-million dollar business. I have worked with coaches and mentors in the past, but not one has come close to matching Stephen's level of passion, commitment, and underlying and unfaltering support. As someone that recognizes time as one of our most precious commodities, I ALWAYS make time for coaching- because it works! From career and business to love/relationships to health and wellness - we cover ALL of it and I could not be more grateful for the level of empowerment and fulfillment it has brought to my life."

    Dr. Melissa De La Cruz

    COO, Trinity Rehab

  • "I met Stephen after hearing him speak for a few short minutes. Immediately, I recognized three things: (1) there was something authentically special about him, (2) that he had something that I wanted, and (3) that he could help me attain it.

    Over a year passed before I was able to work with him formally, yet the powerful impression of our brief meeting persisted.

    Initially, I thought this meeting was random luck or happenstance. Now I know better – a loving, beneficent universe put Stephen into my life, and I was wise enough to recognize that. This praise may sound overly effusive. If anything, it’s not effusive enough.

    In an astonishingly short time, the work that Stephen has lovingly guided me toward and inspired me to do has transformed me internally. While I was on a path of self development before I met him, I was haltingly meandering forward in fits and starts like a sputtering propeller plane.

    Stephen has helped me to soar by throwing unwanted baggage overboard and filling my engine with rocket fuel!

    He has turned the flickering light back on for me. My life is again filled with possibility, positivity and wonder and those closest to me can see and hear the results.

    I am tremendously grateful to work with Stephen and for the profound, positive impact that working with him has occasioned in my life. I love him and all that he has done for me. I am completely convinced he can do the same for anyone else blessed enough to come within his orbit."

    Jason R. Young, Esq.

    Attorney | Writer

  • "I had the good fortune of meeting and becoming friends with Steve at law school. At school, his discipline, drive, work ethic, and unflappably positive attitude were infectious and inspiring. In our coaching sessions, we covered everything from personal dilemmas to professional development. After our fourth session, something clicked; I found I had rediscovered my confidence and focus at work, my output increased both in quantity and quality, and - most importantly - I was amped to execute on the action plan we had come up with to create the “freedom, fulfillment, and impact” that I had sought. Steve is an incredibly talented coach and I have no doubt he will soon be one of the greats alongside the likes of Wayne Dyer."

    Spencer Kuhner

    Sea Captain

  • "Stephen and I first met at our corporate job, where I was constantly impressed by his abilities as an attorney. However, his greatest strengths are his compassion, his ability to listen and his wisdom. Since then, we have both left our previous place of employment, but our relationship and connection remains meaningful and substantive. During the course of our friendship Stephen has provided me invaluable professional and personal coaching. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to listen and relate; you'll always have his undivided attention. Stephen is an excellent coach and an even better person who I would proudly recommend to friends and family!"

    Bradley Simon

    Private Equity Attorney

  • "The Great Stephen Sainato is a force of nature, a life artist, and a master of love and grace."

    John Patrick Morgan

    Philosopher | Family Man | Champion for Being

  • "When I began working with Stephen, I told him I really would like to get over my fear of the gym and start exercising. I ended up getting so much more than that. I now exercise daily and I have already seen the changes in my body and my confidence. This all started with Stephen. I was stuck and could not move beyond my mental block with fitness. Although I am still a beginner, the fear is gone, and I am taking consistent action. What I loved most about working with him was his ability to bracket time and give me his full attention, no matter how much I struggled. I always felt comfortable being vulnerable with him. That level of comfort lead to one of the most powerful sessions we had together. Using one of his strategies, we were both very emotional by the end of the breakthrough session. It was a beautiful, transformative moment. It gave me a greater vision for my future. One I had not been able to produce on my own. This was above and beyond my expectations. Stephen never told me what to do, instead he guided me to creating my own solutions. This felt authentic and put the responsibility on myself, which is necessary for lasting change. We finished working together about a month ago and I continue to practice the solutions we came up with. These have become part of who I am now. I can truthfully state that I am not the same person I was at the beginning of this journey. I would definitely recommend Stephen to anyone who is in search of a breakthrough in their life!!"

    Timothy Gulick

    Recovery Coach | Marketing Director

  • "Still grief stricken after my mother’s passing, by chance, I was able to connect with Stephen. My career, mental health, and spiritual health were at a standstill. After having an organic conversation with Stephen, I had an incredible breakthrough. He asked me questions that I found hard to answer quickly but rather required deep thought and reflection. Stephen held me accountable for the plan we had co-created. Stephen was there to keep me consistent on the routines and lifestyle choices that I wanted. Stephen is a patient and dedicated coach who inspires and seeks inspiration in a meaningful way."

    Azeem Chaudry


  • "Stephen is one of the most passionate, caring, and fearless individuals that I have ever met. Stephen has coached me in many aspects of my personal and professional life. He has helped me to become the best version of myself, to approach each day with passion and optimism, and to always be kind, compassionate, and helping toward others. His earnest support and sincere belief in me has allowed me to develop a new level of confidence in my abilities to accomplish my goals. I cannot thank Stephen enough — I am forever indebted."

    Derek Prevete


  • "I have known Steve for over a decade. This year, searching for a life/business coach during personal tough times, I landed on a phone call with Steve. Though we had naturally grown apart since being friends as young adults, I knew from hearing and seeing through the grapevine of mutual friends and social media how Steve transformed his own life. I was searching for my own betterment and I wanted to know what the sauce was. Reconnecting with Steve, it was immediately clear I was not speaking to the same person I knew 10+ years ago. Inspired by his own story of transformation and growth, I bought the program and we got right to work. Beginning day 1, Steve challenged me to re-think my ways of being, the language I use with myself and others, my habits and practices of daily life, all while putting the question to me of, “what life do I want to create for myself?” We broke down parts of my life piece by piece, examining each methodically. We set weekly intentions. My process of transformation had begun. If I was someone else reading this testimonial, I would think, “this sounds new age / cliché / easy to do by myself.” It’s not. I’m a businessman; Steve is about results. He is practical, non-judgmental, supportive, loving, and has a strong and healthy spirit in the right place to help others. Steve walks the walk. He is like a sculptor in his process of Coaching. I am 100% certain he is among the top in his profession, one of the most committed and impactful Coaches in the world. I love that Steve graduated law school # 1 in his class then risked it all, leaving his successful corporate attorney career in NYC, to create and spread more success helping others grow. I love Steve and am thankful for his dedication and commitment to himself, his craft and his clients. My life has transformed and I recommend Steve’s program to those who are seriously willing to commit to their own self-cultivation and transformation. Steve helps others create the version of themselves they want. #Facts."

    Perry Glickman

    VP, Pecata Enterprises Inc.

  • "There are no chance encounters.

    I am an attorney in recovery, and several years ago, I attended a tap dance performance in NYC with my friend Nancy. One of those show-stopping tap dancers (Stephen Sainato) would later become my coach, mentor, and confidant.

    Around March of 2019, I expressed to Nancy a desire to change career paths. Being a lawyer was no longer for me, but, my ego and fear got the best of me. I needed a nudge- guidance. As it turns out, Nancy had a 2-hour complimentary session with Stephen, tap-dancer extraordinaire and former practicing attorney in recovery who later discovered his passion in coaching and helping others find and unleash their potential! Stephen had what I wanted, and within minutes of our initial call, I knew we fit together like some awesome pieces to a cosmic puzzle. Our journey began a week after our initial call and continues still more than a year later.

    I originally sought Stephen out to help me navigate the complexities of a potential career change – and by the end, received so much more than I’d bargained for.

    Through Stephen’s coaching, I learned:

    * to be vulnerable, really, really vulnerable;

    * to walk right into and through discomfort even though I knew it would temporarily suck;

    * that I am a creator;

    * that I have the power to manifest and there ain’t no mountain high enough!

    * accountability, and the importance of being my word.

    These are just a few of the lessons I learned which would ultimately lead to significant and life-altering breakthroughs.

    I started dating someone around the time that I engaged Stephen, and was also pursuing a significant role in my company’s Human Resources organization. The relationship didn’t work out, and the role ended up going to my mentor. WTF! Things seemed to be going straight to hell in a hand-basket. Instead of being reactive (something very typical of the pre-Stephen guy I was) I was able to acknowledge and sit through the feelings. I was intent on finding the positive in both situations.

    The relationship turned out to be one of my greatest teachers which ultimately prepared me for the awesome & healthy relationship I’m in today. In fact, I’ve been able to maintain a great friendship with my ex. And, not getting the role I longed for taught me to accept life on life’s terms. I wasn’t entitled to the role - I merely wanted it and wanted it when I thought I was good and ready for it (notice all the I’s?) - but, that’s not how things turned out. I acknowledged the hurt, sulked in it for a day or two, and then decided to show up like a champion and become my mentor’s right hand, providing him with all the intel and support he needed to succeed and thrive in the role. I’m not sure I would have been able to do that pre-Stephen. That experience taught me, among other things, that things won’t always work out the way we want them to - but there is always an opportunity to learn and grow – and grow I did. People who knew me and knew how much I wanted were surprised to see my level of continued commitment and dedication. I wasn’t only doing this for my mentor and the organization - I was doing this for me - because it was and continues to be the right thing to do.

    I’m incredibly grateful to have met Stephen, and to have had the privilege of getting to know and work with him – to be open and honest with him about my feelings, fears, dreams, and desires. He’s a smart, accountability holding, tap-dancing, and lawyer in recovery-ing, amazing coach and beautiful soul.

    I am not the same person I was last year – I stand taller, I manifest and create, I believe in myself – and I share these gifts with others.

    If you want to achieve some serious breakthroughs in your life – I would recommend buckling up and giving Stephen a shout – you’re going to be in for the ride of a lifetime!"



  • "Working with Stephen Sainato is life-changing. It's a true investment in yourself. He will support you, challenge you, push you to grow, and most importantly, help you break out into the best version of yourself and live your dreams. Stephen will remind you of all the possibilities and potential that lie within you, already, in this moment. If you've forgotten how extraordinary you are, Stephen will help you remember.

    I was still working a corporate job when I met Stephen. Whenever I second-guessed my dream of becoming a writer, Stephen was there. Whenever I didn't believe in myself, he was there. He is pure light. I would not be the person I am today without him--a published author, but even more meaningfully, someone who has more peace than war in her mind and heart."

    Susie Luo

    Published Author | Attorney | Life Artist

  • "With Stephen’s prolific coaching methods, I've clarified what I value most in life, and have finally formulated a plan to fulfill my true potential in alignment with my values. The process he created with me allowed me, in a very unique and meaningful way, to take a deep and thorough personal inventory, and better align my daily thoughts, words and actions with whom I'm committed to being for myself and my family. To a significant degree, Stephen unlocked what was already there within me, and inspired me to ask the right questions within myself, and gave me the space I needed to answer them thoughtfully and completely. Coaching with Stephen has profoundly impacted my life and my family, and I am forever grateful."

    Peter Brillon

    Mechanical Engineer

  • "Stephen has been instrumental in helping me set and achieve my goals since we started working together. He is someone who cares deeply about his clients and truly invests his time and energy in their happiness and success. He also provided me with the tools and practices to succeed on my own. Stephen challenged me to identify and overcome the obstacles that were holding me back, and transform them into the key opportunities for transformative growth. Without his guidance, I would not be where or who I am today."

    Frank Pugliese

    Real Estate Investor | Entrepreneur

  • "I've known Stephen for several years and have always admired his open-mindedness, courage, curious mind and generous spirit. When he launched his coaching business I knew he was someone I wanted to speak at NJ Lawyers Assistance Program's career transition networking group, Networkers Without Borders. HIs presentation was the perfect combination of information, interaction and experiential; the participants, all seasoned professionals, left inspired and with action steps in hand. Many of the attendees have been coming to this group since its inception over 7 years ago. Several remarked that he was one of the best speakers the group has featured over the years. I can't agree more. Skilled, authentic and a positive force for personal growth and change, NJLAP will definitely invite him to speak again!"

    Nancy Stek

    Associate Director, New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program

  • "Stephen is an authentic and powerful coach who helped me through a real tough patch. He’s an incredible listener, and someone you can trust wholeheartedly opening up with. I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone who is currently facing a serious dilemma and is looking for a way out."

    Neil Yeoh

    CEO, OnePointFive