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“Everyone needs a coach.”

Eric Schmidt
Former CEO of Google


Most prospective clients aren’t interested in my Board Coaching Certification, NYU Coaching Certification, or even my experience transforming lives.  

They care only about ONE thing:

Can you help me?

The answer is… it depends. 

If you are coachable and committed, then yes, I can help you. 

As you’ll see below, I work with a range of individuals, from students to CEOs. 

I can help with almost anything and everything. 

From academic excellence to corporate leadership. 

From purpose and fulfillment to life balance. 

From self-love to authentic self-expression. 

From wellness to freedom from fear. 

From deep connection to conquering career transition. 

From health & fitness to becoming unstoppable in the pursuit of your goals.

From spiritual growth to prosperity. 

From inner peace to confidence. 

From sobriety to strong relationships.

(I’ll stop there :))


I have just a few questions for you…

What would you LOVE to create (in your Self and in your World)?

What if you could create what you really want with ease?

What if you could create what you really want from a place of joy and fun?

And what if the journey was so deeply fulfilling and liberating that it moved you to tears?

That’s the essence of what coaching with me is all about. 

If you are coachable and committed, the results you seek are inevitable. 

Here are a few quotes I noted from my clients…

“It’s amazing how much you’ve helped transform my life.”

“Ever since we started working together, my life has been on fire. It’s wonderful to finally start living how I’ve always wanted.” 

“I can honestly say that my life today is beyond my wildest dreams.”

“We have created beyond what I had imagined was possible for my life.”

I am in love with living FULLY, mastery of the mind, and the effortless creation of our deepest desires. 

And of course the art and science that is Coaching. 

Thanks to my experience in law school, my brain has been trained to consume, comprehend, synthesize, and apply VAST amounts of information from a variety of sources. 

I can see clearly now why the God of my understanding brought me through law school. 

I’ve been combining and synthesizing all of the knowledge and wisdom I’ve received from:

* Recovery

* NYU coaching training

* The College of Executive Coaching training

* Tony Robbins seminars

* Landmark seminars

* The world’s top coaches

* 100s of personal development books

* 1000s of YouTube videos and Podcasts

* Religious and spiritual teachings

* Over 1000 hours of coaching clients

* Life experiences (particularly the traumatic ones!)

My brain has been hard at work compiling and applying data from innumerable resources.  

It’s all come together now in a way that I’m greatly EXCITED to share with my coaching family.  

It’s also been really FUN to train new coaches. 


My clients are doctors, lawyers, educators, students, CEOs, business owners, mental health professionals, fitness professionals, and more.  What I love most about my clients is that they are all genuine, kind-hearted, and highly ambitious. 

All my sessions are conducted by phone.  My minimum agreement is three months, but most clients work with me well beyond three months as the potential for our work together is infinite.

To schedule a confidential and complimentary intro session, click HERE (you may commit 120 minutes of my time to your calendar).  For more information about working with me, email  Serious and appropriate inquiries only.  

Who Hires A Coach?

Think of any top business leader, politician, athlete, or performer.

Chances are if they’re successful enough that their name springs to mind, they’ve had coaching.

Oprah Winfrey.

The members of Metallica.

Tennis player Serena Williams. Actor Hugh Jackman. Billionaire Ray Dalio. President Bill Clinton. Former Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

These are just a few of the luminaries and celebrities who’ve been open about the role of coaching in their life.

But personal coaching isn’t a luxury limited to just the rich and famous anymore.

It’s accessible and readily available to anyone who has the desire and courage to reach out and ask for it.

Coaching could be exactly what you need.

Here’s a statistic that supports the power of coaching. 

According to the American Society of Training and Development, people who have regular accountability appointments increase the likelihood of accomplishing their goals by 95%!

About Me

I grew up in Morristown, NJ as the last of four children. I now live in Jersey City with my beautiful fiancé and two crazy cats, Georgie and Jaxy.

What most people don’t know about me is that I struggled with addiction and alcoholism for almost a decade before hitting rock bottom in 2011.

I entered recovery and began studying to become an attorney. I feared I wasn’t prepared enough, smart enough, good enough, disciplined enough, or sober enough.

I decimated every single limiting belief as I underwent one of the most profound transitions of my life. I learned the power of our thoughts—and how to reshape my mindset.

I graduated from law school first in the class and went on to practice corporate law at one of the best firms in the world.

My experience at the firm was challenging and rewarding… but something was still missing.

After battling fear and guilt (and other challenging emotions) for over a year, I finally developed the courage to take a leap of faith into the unknown to pursue my calling as a coach. 

I fell in love with coaching shortly thereafter.

Coaching is home. 

I genuinely believe it’s what I’m put on Earth to do.

My mission and purpose is to use all my knowledge, wisdom, and abilities to meaningfully serve others.

To schedule a confidential and complimentary session, click HERE (you may commit 120 minutes of my time to your calendar).  For more information about working with me, email  Serious and appropriate inquiries only.  

“Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of
what is to come.”

Ron Kaufman


  • “To say that coaching with Stephen has been transformational would be an understatement. Stephen has been much more than a coach for me. In a few short months, he’s pushed me to stretch the limits of my comfort zone, expanded my self-awareness, strengthened my confidence, helped me finally find balance, and grow through the challenges of growing & leading a successful multi-million dollar business. I have worked with coaches and mentors in the past, but not one has come close to matching Stephen's level of passion, commitment, and underlying and unfaltering support. As someone that recognizes time as one of our most precious commodities, I ALWAYS make time for coaching- because it works! From career and business to love/relationships to health and wellness - we cover ALL of it and I could not be more grateful for the level of empowerment and fulfillment it has brought to my life. I highly recommend coaching with Stephen while you still can.“

    Dr. Melissa De La Cruz

    Chief Operating Officer of Trinity Rehab

  • "Stephen is a gift to the world. His sensitivity and deep listening truly guide his practice. He was able to ask me such powerful questions which helped me discover my own limitations. I cannot describe how grateful I am for my time with Stephen and would encourage anyone looking for an incredible coach to connect with him."

    Dominique Mas

    Founder of Lead With A Twist

  • "I've known Stephen for several years and have always admired his open-mindedness, courage, curious mind and generous spirit. When he launched his coaching business I knew he was someone I wanted to speak at NJ Lawyers Assistance Program's career transition networking group, Networkers Without Borders. HIs presentation was the perfect combination of information, interaction and experiential; the participants, all seasoned professionals, left inspired and with action steps in hand. Many of the attendees have been coming to this group since its inception over 7 years ago. Several remarked that he was one of the best speakers the group has featured over the years. I can't agree more. Skilled, authentic and a positive force for personal growth and change, NJLAP will definitely invite him to speak again!"

    Nancy Stek

    Associate Director of New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program

  • "I had the good fortune of meeting and becoming friends with Steve at law school. At school, his discipline, drive, work ethic, and unflappably positive attitude were infectious and inspiring. In our coaching sessions, we covered everything from personal dilemmas to professional development. After our fourth session, something clicked; I found I had rediscovered my confidence and focus at work, my output increased both in quantity and quality, and - most importantly - I was amped to execute on the action plan we had come up with to create the “freedom, fulfillment, and impact” that I had sought. Steve is an incredibly talented coach and I have no doubt he will soon be one of the greats alongside the likes of Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer. I highly recommend booking him now before his rates get too high! :)"

    Spencer Kuhner

    Attorney at Law at Lemberg Law

  • "Stephen and I first met at our corporate job, where I was constantly impressed by his abilities as an attorney. However, his greatest strengths are his compassion, his ability to listen and his wisdom. Since then, we have both left our previous place of employment, but our relationship and connection remains meaningful and substantive. During the course of our friendship Stephen has provided me invaluable professional and personal coaching. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to listen and relate; you'll always have his undivided attention. Stephen is an excellent coach and an even better person who I would proudly recommend to friends and family!"

    Bradley Simon

    Private Equity M&A Associate at Winston & Strawn LLP

  • "With Stephen’s insightful coaching methods, I've identified areas in my life that I had been long neglecting and have finally formulated a plan to fulfill my true potential. The process he outlined with me allowed me to take a personal inventory and better align my daily thoughts, words and actions with what it is that I aspire to be for myself and my family. The best part of coaching with Stephen was that the breakthroughs and insights I had experienced during our sessions were there all along. Stephen unlocked what was already there, and inspired me to ask the right questions within myself, and gave me the space I needed to answer them thoughtfully and completely. Coaching with Stephen has profoundly impacted my life and I suspect it will do the same for yours."

    Peter Brillon

    Educator and Master’s in Mechanical Engineer Candidate

  • "Stephen is an authentic and powerful coach who helped me through a real tough patch. He’s an incredible listener, and someone you can trust wholeheartedly opening up with. I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone who is currently facing a serious dilemma and is looking for a way out."

    Neil Yeoh

    Deputy Director & Portfolio Manager at Echoing Green Speaker | Forbes Columnist

  • "Stephen is one of the most passionate, caring, and fearless individuals that I have ever met. Stephen has coached me in many aspects of my personal and professional life. He has helped me to become the best version of myself, to approach each day with passion and optimism, and to always be kind, compassionate, and helping toward others. His earnest support and sincere belief in me has allowed me to develop a new level of confidence in my abilities to accomplish my goals. I cannot thank Stephen enough for his coaching services — I am forever indebted."

    Derek Prevete

    Attorney at Law

  • "Still grief stricken after my mother’s passing, by chance, I was able to connect with Stephen. My career, mental health, and spiritual health were at a standstill. After having an organic conversation with Stephen, I had an incredible breakthrough. He asked me questions that I found hard to answer quickly but rather required deep thought and reflection.
    Stephen held me accountable for the plan we had co-created. Stephen was there to keep me consistent on the routines and lifestyle choices that I wanted. Stephen is a patient and dedicated coach who inspires and seeks inspiration in a meaningful way."

    Azeem Chaudry

  • "Stephen and I met during my first year at law school and we quickly became friends soon after that. Throughout my time as a law school student and then in my professional career, Stephen has gone out of his way to help me succeed both professionally and personally. After attending his seminar, it is apparent that Stephen has a natural gift of connecting with others and a strong desire to help others fulfill their true potential. I highly recommend Stephen’s coaching program as I know his guidance will greatly benefit anyone who is looking to reconnect with their passions."

    Bisma Muhammed, Esq.

    Associate Attorney

  • "When I began working with Stephen, I told him I really would like to get over my fear of the gym and start exercising. I ended up getting so much more than that. I now exercise daily and I have already seen the changes in my body and my confidence. This all started with Stephen. I was stuck and could not move beyond my mental block with fitness. Although I am still a beginner, the fear is gone, and I am taking consistent action. What I loved most about working with him was his ability to bracket time and give me his full attention, no matter how much I struggled. I always felt comfortable being vulnerable with him. That level of comfort lead to one of the most powerful sessions we had together. Using one of his strategies, we were both very emotional by the end of the breakthrough session. It was a beautiful, transformative moment. It gave me a greater vision for my future. One I had not been able to produce on my own. This was above and beyond my expectations. Stephen never told me what to do, instead he guided me to creating my own solutions. This felt authentic and put the responsibility on myself, which is necessary for lasting change. We finished working together about a month ago and I continue to practice the solutions we came up with. These have become part of who I am now. I can truthfully state that I am not the same person I was at the beginning of this journey. I would definitely recommend Stephen to anyone who is in search of a breakthrough in their life. 5 stars!!"

    Timothy Gulick

    Recovery Coach | Counselor | Entrepreneur


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