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Old Mindsets That No Longer Serve


I was studying a coaching video this past weekend and was reminded of a really powerful insight.

In the video, a gentleman (who I’ll just call John because I can’t remember his name) had just sold his multi-million dollar construction company and was beginning a new journey into coaching.

Up until that session, he had been riddled with fear and wanted some peace… yet there was a subconscious internal conflict.

A few years into starting his construction company, he wasn’t netting much profit.

He went into a mindset of fear, which propelled him into actions that ultimate led to his success.

While he created success and desirable results, John’s journey there was colored by stress, fear, and anxiety.

He realized that he was subconsciously creating a mindset of fear again because it had worked for him in the past.

Can you relate? This story really resonates with me.

John’s realization expanded his conscious awareness.

And as we know, awareness is the foundation for transformation.

Once John became aware of his subconscious belief system around success he could then create a new possibility for his life.

New awareness is awesome.

What really makes a difference, however, is when we apply new awareness into our lives with wisdom and commitment.

Applying expanded awareness into our lives with wisdom and commitment = transformational results. 

Within the space of John’s new awareness, he became willing to let go of that old mindset no longer serving him, and opened up to a new possibility.

He discovered that he could navigate his coaching journey from a place of ease, peace, and inspiration.

Can you see how this opened up a whole new experience for him?

Can you see how this way of being creates a much more enjoyable journey and produces even greater results?

It’s really a mindset shift from fear to love.

And love is the most powerful force of all.

What are you seeing for yourself after reading this?

Can you see the subconscious perpetuation of an old mindset that may have helped you in the past but no longer serves you?

Can you see how a new mindset can support you to produce greater results while enjoying the ride?

Here’s a succinct framework for you….

(1) Elevate subconscious beliefs to your consciousness and expand awareness via the above inquiry.

(2) Cultivate the willingness to let go of any old mindsets (old ways of being) no longer serving you.

(3) Create of a new possibility(/new mindset /new way of being).

(4) Commit to integrating the new possibility into your life.

(5) Experience transformation! 🙂


Have a wonderful week.

Expand awareness.

Create a new possibility.

Choose the way of being that serves you best.

Commit to it.

Enjoy the ride.

Enjoy the results.

Enjoy the transformation.

Much love.

Believing in you,

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