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Perceptive Positioning & Karaoke

May these words bring you insight, clarity, and power (and maybe even a laugh toward the end).



Our perceptive position creates our state of being. 

For this idea, let’s put aside whether certain perceptions are true, and focus instead on how they create.

Think about what’s ahead for today or this week.

What have you already decided?

Will it be stressful?



Will there be traffic?

Pointless meetings?

Frustrating interactions?

Or maybe you’ve decided that this week will be fun and effortless.

You’ll enjoy every moment.

You’ll see the positive in everyone and everything.

And allow all happenings to serve as opportunities for you to grow in your power to continue creating an extraordinary life.

(remember… not concerned about truth right now.  Only concerned about how perceptive positioning creates.)

Whatever perceptive position you’ve taken, that position will create a state of being. 

Our “state of being” is related to our “emotional state.”

For example, if you’re thinking to yourself… “this week is going to be really stressful” — that perceptive position will create stress-oriented emotions.

That statement indicates a perception closed to possibility and doesn’t acknowledge your power to influence your experience.

You’ve already made a decision about how the week will unfold based on certain relevant information and you will likely begin experiencing stress right away.

If rather you’re thinking to yourself… “I wonder how great I can create this week to be, no matter what’s thrown at me?” — that position will create a totally different state of being.

That question indicates a perception open to possibility and acknowledges your power to influence your experience.

You’ve also invoked a sense of curiosity, challenge, and play.

Bringing with it an entirely different range of emotions.

NOW your creative power is beginning to FLEX.

And you will likely begin to experience excitement.

Why is this so important?

For two primary reasons…

First, we have the power to choose which perceptive position we take.

Which means we have sway over our state of being.

Is it really that simple?


Simple does not always mean easy, however.

It can be challenging to choose a different perspective.

But we can do it.

Yes, generally speaking, we often perceive unconsciously.

That’s why self-awareness is so powerful.

The more aware (or conscious) we become, the more we grow in our power to create our life experience. 

The second reason is because our state of being dictates the actions we take (or don’t take) and the way in which we take them.

To achieve our goals and dreams, we must take action.

But not just any action — intelligent and consistent action.

Those actions will determine whether we achieve our desired outcomes.

To put it all together…

We can consciously choose a perceptive position that creates a state of being that’s enjoyable AND increases the likelihood of taking actions congruent with achieving our desired outcomes. 



When I was a teenager and auditioning for talent agents, I wanted to become a triple-threat.

A performer who was great at singing, dancing, and acting.

So I took a few singing lessons.

I’ll never forget what the singing teacher told me…

You cannot hold a note for your life, but you can sure tap dance.”

I focused mostly on the first part of that statement and felt not-so-good.

I gave up learning to sing after then.

And developed an enormous fear of singing in public.

Well, this weekend (only about 20 years later lol)… I CONQUERED IT!

We and an awesome group of people (some close friends and some new friends) went to the Catskills in New York this past weekend.

They busted out a karaoke machine the first night.

Oh no!

I felt fear instantly and thought there’s absolutely no way I’m doing this.

I’ll just chill here with my shaker and make some music while they sing, I thought.

Then someone called me out to go next.


My heart started racing and I got super nervous.

I recognized that I had a choice…

Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise

My loving fiancé said she’d sing a duet with me.

I was somewhat relieved.

And then a little more relieved when she recommended an Eminem track.

I can’t really tell you how it went.

Pretty sure I blacked out.

But we did it!


Later that night I even decided to rap Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. by myself!

I learned two things…

(1) rapping is really hard (especially when I’m not alone in my car).

(2) the more we conquer fear, the more powerful we grow.

As Emerson says, “do the thing you are afraid to do and the death of fear is certain.”

I love those words.

As ridiculous as my story might sound, it was a big growth point for me.

And I generated a newfound excitement to continue dissolving every place where fear has made a home in my mind.

I would love to know whether you’ve had a similar experience!



Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute,
Whatever you can do, or dream you can—begin it;
Boldness has genius, power, magic in it;
Only engage,—and then the mind grows heated;
Begin!—and then the work will be completed
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Create a spectacular week.


Believing in you,

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