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The NOT-SO-SECRET yet often FORGOTTEN key to success…

Never trust exhausted thoughts.”
~ TD Jakes

I visualize old thought patterns as vinyl records that creep up when the body grows tired.

Records of fear, worry, doubt, and shame.

It’s like one of them can detect when the body becomes exhausted and yells to the others…

Hey SELF-DOUBT, wipe the dust off and get ready to shake a leg — we’re going on soon!  Is SHAME back there?  Yeah?  Okay good.  Tell him we’re having a burnout party and he’s invited.  WORRY will be there.  FEAR will be there.  CATASTROPHE might even make it, too.  It’s gonna be LIT!

Some of us are reinventing ourselves.

Some of us are bringing life to our dreams.

Some of us are overcoming major life challenges.

Some of us are navigating major life transitions.

Some of us are on a journey to living fully the life that’s left within us.

And some of us can check off ALL of the above.

No matter where you are on your journey, I invite you to reflect on how well you’ve been taking care of yourself.

It’s so easy to overlook self-care despite its importance.

The not-so-secret yet often forgotten key to success is SELF-CARE.  

Consider how you think, feel, and show up when you’re taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.

When we’re rested, nourished, and taking care of ourselves…


We’re energized.

We think clearly.

We feel motivated and inspired.

We’re optimistic.

We communicate effectively.

We show up powerfully.

We’re productive and efficient.

We’re happier.

We’re funnier 🙂

Our lights shine brighter.

Our vibes buzz higher.

We’re present with the ones we love.

And we appreciate the wonder, value, and beauty of life.

Can you see the significance of self-care?

And can you relate to neglecting it?

That’s okay.

Me too.


The first step to creating a positive shift in self-care is self-awareness.

Recognizing our need for self-care.

And recognizing the normalcy of all the feelings mentioned above.

With exhaustion comes exhausted thoughts which produce certain emotions related to those thoughts.

Note that this is completely normal and very common.

The second step is to create and honor self-care space.

That doesn’t mean you have to rent a cabin off the grid for a week.

That would be awesome, but that’s not required 🙂

YOU know YOU best.

I invite you to create what works best for you.

You might commit to a recovery day or simply a better sleep schedule.

I also invite you to get intentional right now.

Pull out your calendar and determine when you’ll create self-care space.

Consider making a commitment to honoring that space.


Selfishness vs. Self-Care

Selfishness is small-minded and greedybut self-care is wise and benefits every life you touch.  When you engage in self-care, you are supporting your own well-being so that you can better contribute to others.”
~ Dusan Djukich

Self-care is actually the polar opposite of selfishness.

Self-care replenishes our energy.

Self-care improves our well-being.

Self-care improves our mindset.

Self-care can benefit EVERYTHING we do and EVERYONE with whom we interact.


Words that just came to me to complete this week’s article…

Life is short and life is precious.

Do what you love.

Be with who you love.

Become the person you’ve always wanted to become.

You don’t need anyone’s approval.

Be free.

Be fulfilled.

Be connected.

Make a difference.

Listen to your Heart.

Trust your Intuition.

Follow the energy of your Spirit.

Be you.

The real you.

You can do it.

You really can.  

Loving and believing in you 💙,


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