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Trauma and Manifestation

Imagination and faith are the secrets of creation.” ~ Neville Goddard

A healthy imagination is fundamental to creating and manifesting our deepest desires.

Emotionally painful events, including traumas, adversely affect the brain’s equilibrium, inherent faculties, and communication systems.

Our internal alarm systems, for example, sound the panic bell when it perceives a threat that doesn’t exist or isn’t as much of a threat as the brain registers.

These events also affect our IMAGINATION—something I was surprised to learn while processing my own traumas last year with a therapist. I was also surprised to discover the intimate relationship between healing and manifestation because of how trauma affects our imagination.

After emotionally painful events like trauma, our brain can begin to spend LOTS of time imagining possible future threats and mentally rehearsing responses to those threats. This is a survival mechanism and can provide some safety value, but it’s often irrational, dysfunctional, and harms us more than helps us.

The more we imagine future threats, the more we produce thoughts and images that generate fear and anxiety. The more we generate fear and anxiety, the more we (A) suffer the innumerable mental, physical, and spiritual consequences of those emotions constantly flooding our system, AND (B) embody the vibration that could actually manifest the threat we’re imagining. 

The first step is always awareness. From here, we can take actions to process emotionally painful past events (including traumas) in whatever way feels good and true for us, and we can start using our imagination intentionally in a way that’s healthy, creative, and productive. 

When we steer our imagination in the direction of our desires and feel the emotions associated with the fulfillment of those desires, we embody the vibration (the state of being) aligned with manifesting those desires, as long as we move forward faithfully while taking aligned actions (the doing).

Aligned Being + Aligned Doing = Successful Manifestation

Important note: We can sometimes implement this new imagination practice in ways that are unhealthy and counterproductive. We can become obsessive, start to view this new practice as an obligation, and start to think that if we’re not actively practicing then something bad will happen. We just need to be mindful about integrating in healthy, productive ways that lead to what we want. Be light, consistent, and intentional about it all. In my experience, that’s when miracles happen.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

Sending love to all.

Blessing us,

PS: I am not a therapist. I am maybe what some people call trauma informed. I share from my personal experience (what greater source of truth do we have?). If you have been through traumas or other emotionally painful events I’d highly recommend doing the work to heal and process. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.


PSS: Here are some cool images I had created recently to post on my Amazon book page. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy and started creating miracles. And a double thank you to the amazing people who have left me 5 star reviews. My deepest gratitude <3

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