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Unconditional Love, Profound Service, Professionalism.

When I first started on the path to becoming an Extraordinary Coach, I got lost for a while in fear and all the marketing noise: do this, do that, say this, say that, and on and on.

I was so turned off by the traditional sales approach. I didn’t have the words for it then but I know now that what I really wanted was to build a prosperous practice based on profound service, unconditional love, and professionalism.

In 2018 I heard a name mentioned by some of the world’s top coaches: Steve Hardison

After a coaching workshop in Santa Monica my friend Mike Harris sent me an audio of Steve coaching on commitment.

It lit me up and moved me to tears. I was inspired in a way beyond articulation.

A new possibility opened up for who I could become for others… if I worked for it.

I connected with Steve on Facebook shortly thereafter and have learned so much already from his way of being and from being trained and coached by coaches he’s coached.

I knew I wanted to meet and be coached directly by Steve in 2018 but to do so I’d have to invest a significant amount of money and fly to Arizona.

Well… I’m on my way to Arizona to be with the legendary Steve Hardison.

If you don’t know him, my friend Alan D Thompson put it most concisely: he’s Oprah’s coach’s coach.

I’m not sure what will transpire but I do know that by simply being with Steve I’ll gain access to an extraordinary way of being that will grow me and everyone in my world.

And I do know that I will walk away even more committed to being and creating the difference I wish to see in the world.

Here’s to next level service for my clients!

Thank you to all who are part responsible for this, especially my beautiful, brilliant, loving, and supportive wife Kylie Huff.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Only those who dare greatly live fully.”

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