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Three important guideposts to living wholeheartedly, according to the famous Dr. Brené Brown, are cultivating (1) laughter, song, and dance, (2) play, and (3) gratitude and joy.  Another key to living a long and happy life, according to the University of Western Australia and a trillion other reliable sources, is exercise!

That’s why we’ll kick off the day with a fun fusion of singing/dancing/laughing (don’t worry, it’s only one song, and we can make the lights dim to keep our skills on the DL!), animal flow movement exercise (this is similar to yoga but with a jungle animal twist), and a fulfilling gratitude-centered meditation.

We’ll then take the meditation a step further as we transition into breathwork, which is a powerful modality for deep healing, breakthroughs, and optimal wellness.   My first experience in LA was transformational and it helped me slay the people-pleaser in me.  Another fulfilling part was sharing our experience in a group discussion afterwards.  It was a unique, life-changing, and special bonding experience.

After we return from lunch-break, everyone can sit back and relax, and enjoy an inspiring and motivational story from a special guest speaker!

After our special guest speaker presents, together we’ll think through a powerful coaching inquiry.  Many of us don’t take the time to reflect thoughtfully about what matters most and what we truly want in life.  This part of the day will give you greater clarity about your purpose and how to create what you truly want.

The next part of the workshop with focus on letting go of fear, worry, and resentments.

What holds us back from living fully and having an inner stillness and calm, is often fear, worry, and resentment.  I’ll share a powerful and effective way for anyone to let go of fear, worry, and resentment, so they can step into their personal power and enjoy more gratitude, joy, and excitement on a daily basis.  You’ll need a notepad and pen for this part, and if you complete this exercise honestly, thoroughly, and open-mindedly,  you will experience a liberating inner peace and newfound freedom.

We’ll take time at the very end to write Declarations of Who We BE!  This is something that shifts how we show up in the world.  It is powerful and transformative, and I’m so excited to share it with you!