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Valuable Thinking (and Happy Good Friday to those honoring the day)

Happy Friday,
Sharing my Instagram post from today (@stephensainato) to hopefully help you enhance your personal and professional life:

Here’s one version of an inquiry to help us make sound decisions before taking actions (like sending a communication).
A simple question like this can be the difference maker between an ineffective (and possibly really harmful) action and an effective (and possibly really helpful) action.
Sound decision-making is an infinitely valuable skill to develop.
Thinking takes work, though, so it’s understandable how unsound decision-making frequently occurs.
The willingness and commitment to exert the energy to think intentionally, however, gives us the gift of eventually automating sound decision-making in such a way that makes a profound difference in our personal and professional lives.
As we know, questions are an integral component of the decision-making frameworks through which we think when making decisions.
The quality of the questions we consider during our thought system therefore matters immensely.
Beginning to make a habit out of considering this one simple question (or some variation of it) will provide you great rewards in the short- and long-term.
This question also presupposed the question: “What is my intended result?” which helps us get clear about the result we actually want to produce.
Conscious thinking like this really does take work and it’s a practice.
Remember always that we‘re not out for perfection.
We’re out for progress.
As long as we make a committed effort to practice linguistic tools such as these over time, we’ll get to experience a treasure of benefits in life and in business.
Wishing you well and a Happy Good Friday to those honoring the day.
No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”
~ Voltaire
Never underestimate the power of one thought repeated over time.
H​ave a wonderful weekend.
Kindest regards,
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