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Who is this Stephen G Sainato, Esq., BCC?


Now is a great time to hit pause.  Close your eyes for just a moment.  Breath deep in through your nose, filling up the entire body.  Hold for 15 seconds.  Then slowwwwllllyyyy exhale through your mouth.

Feel that centering, presence, and peace.

Thank you for allowing me to share my writing with you.

Last week I mentioned that I’d perhaps share how Declarations changed my life.

Well, here goes…



Who is this Stephen G Sainato, Esq., BCC?

This is who/what he declares himself to be…

I A​M​ the possibility of unconditional love, profound service, and unprecedented power.
I A​M​ loved, loving, and lovable.
I A​​M loving kindness to all.
I A​M​ whole, complete, and worthy.
I A​M​ commitment to the creation of my mind, body, Spirit, and life.
I A​M​ perfect peace and nothing can disturb my peace unless I say so.
I A​M​ That I love me and That I Am safe to be me always.
I A​M​ full faith and total trust in the God of my understanding.
I A​M​ That ALL things are possible and That I can do ALL things through He who stre​​ngthens me.
I A​M​ passion and purpose.
I A​M​ deep joy and fulfillment.
I A​M​ lightness, laughter, and fun.
I A​M​ my word.
I A​M​ unapologetically authentic, honest, and genuine.
I A​M​ That I establish my consciousness in the wonder, value, and beauty of the present moment and allow the future to take care of itself, as it always does.
I A​M​ That there is nothing to fear, not even fear.
I A​M​ That I do not sweat the small stuff and That it is all small stuff.
I A​M​ ​connected to God and ​moved by Spirit.
​I AM abundant and fruitful.
I AM that I give back and never forget what it took to get here.
I A​M​ That life is simple and ​easy and ​That I create all of my deepest desires ​with ease.
I A​M​ that my words speak to the Heart of the Soul.
I A​M​ that I live in the Spirit of Forgiveness.
I A​M​ Miracles and Mastery.
I A​M​ That I boldly and respectfully request what I want without self-judgment.
I A​M​ ​blessed to be ​one of the ​most powerful, loving, brilliant, and committed coaches in the world.
I A​M​ That I serve ​profoundly. 
I A​M​ That I show you the truth of who you truly are and what it is that you truly desire.
I A​M​ That I believe in you always no matter what.
I A​M​ That I can see your innocence and Divinity.
I A​M​ liberation from the chains of fear and ego.
I A​M​ dreams come true.
I A​M​ empowerment, enlightenment, and expansion.
I A​M​ transformation, breakthroughs, and life-changing shifts in thinking and being.
I A​M​ intention, commitment, and accountability.
I A​M​ presence, deep listening, healing, and comfort.
I A​M​ empathy and compassion.
I A​M​ a rock solid stand for you and your life.

I AM Divinely intuitive and possess great powers of discernment.
I A​M​ a vessel for Love​, a path for Providence, and space for Grace.
I ​AM loving permission to make mistakes and be human.
I A​M​ amazing energy and an unstoppable FORCE of nature.
I A​M​ confident, handsome, healthy, and jacked.
I A​M​ That I am madly in love my beautiful fiancé, Kylie.
I A​M​ an OG.
I A​M​ never give up and That I never stop giving.
I A​M​ recovery, strength, and hope.
I A​M​ courage and humility.
I A​M​ live and love FULLY.
I A​M​ That I see God in everything because God is in my mind and heart.
I A​M​ in alignment.
I A​M​ the Universe.
I A​M​ ​the thought of Love in form​.
I A​M​ as You Are.
I A​M​ because You Are.
I A​M​ Love.
I A​M​ free.
I A​M​ eternal.
I A​M​ safe.
I A​M​ home.
I A​M​.

And my Mom and Dad named me Stephen Gerard Sainato ☺



This first time I was exposed to Declarations, I didn’t quite get it.

But I remember that I declared myself to be love, passion, power, and miracles.

That was it.

That was at the Landmark Advanced Course in 2008.

Landmark education is a creation of Werner Erhard, a thought leader and pioneer who has impacted the thinking and being of MILLIONS.

4 or 5 months into my recent career transition, I was hit hard with fear.

I made mistakes, encountered setbacks, and started doubting my Self.

I prayed from my heart for help.

Then I received an audio recording from my friend Mike, who I had met in LA at the Rich Litvin Coaching Intensive.

(Rich is a world-class coach who has coached Olympians, celebrities, navy seals, and presidential candidates — to name just a few)

On the audio recording (which I’ll share at the bottom of this email) was this incredibly powerful, authentic, and loving voice — it was Steve Hardison.

His words spoke to me.

So I did what any smart person would do…

I looked him up on Facebook.

I found out people were lining up to pay him MASSIVE amounts of money — now $200,000-$1,000,000 — for 100 hours of Coaching.

In a moment of courage, I clicked “add friend” on his profile.

He accepted and sent me a beautiful message right away.

After then I saw him post his Declaration on Facebook.

It moved me to tears.

So I told him.

We exchanged words and he sent me a book.

It was called Conquering Fears to Create Masterpieces by Nadine Larder.

Steve commissioned Nadine to paint a masterpiece on a wall on his property in Arizona.

She was absolutely elated and documented her entire journey — ergo her book.

Before she painted the wall, Steve had his clients come over to infuse the wall with their Declarations.

In the book, you’ll see NFL players, CEOs of billion dollar companies, renowned coaches, etc. writing their Declarations on the wall.

The words of their Declarations moved me on such a deep, spiritual level.

I felt the presence of the Spirit, and inspired to write.

Remember, this was at a time when I was flooded with fear and doubting whether I could make it as a Coach and solo entrepreneur.

I was waking up in the middle of the night with so much anxiety that I started researching part-time legal jobs.

Spirit took over when I saw the Declaration in Nadine’s documentary/book, and I wrote my first full-out Declaration, which included…

I Am one of the best coaches in the world.
I Am that I have a full coaching practice and a waiting list of extraordinary individuals.

Sounds kinda crazy, right?

A new Coach declaring he’s one of the best in the world with a waiting list?

It didn’t actually matter whether I was one of the best Coaches in the world.

That’s not the point.

What mattered was that’s how I started showing up for my clients.

That’s the place I started to come from, and still do.

I felt an expansive and much needed relief.

And empowered in a way I never knew existed.

I could breath again.

That knot in my chest dissolved.

Faith had been restored and I was ENERGIZED to crush it!

And serve like I had never served before.

I also invested in a full-time coach for the first time.

I held off on hiring a full-time coach because I had economic insecurity and viewed it more as a cost rather than an investment with infinite returns.

I arranged in-kind coaching with other coaches.  That just didn’t do it for me.

It was helpful, but there is a real magic in the investment component.  It drew out a certain level of commitment in me and helped me to lean into what I really wanted to create in the world.

I also thought I could figure it all out on my own and Coach myself.  And maybe I could have.  But I know I time collapsed my goals and saved myself from a lot of suffering.  I had had enough.

Investing in myself was a breakthrough for me.

A few short months later, I had a full coaching practice and a waiting list.

Creating my Declaration altered my life.

My commitment.

How I showed up.

The results I delivered.

My creations.

My energy.

My morning routine.

My relationships.

My workouts.

My spiritual growth.

Literally everything.

Declarations are what I NOW know to be SELF-CULTIVATION.

It’s something I do with all my clients and something we’ll be doing at The Live Fully Summit in a new way.

It’s also something I do as part of my morning routine.


And transformational.

Language creates our experience and words create our world.

If you are NOT joining us at the Summit, then I have a double challenge/invitation for you this week 🙂

(1) In a moment of Divine inspiration, Declare Who You BE (to help with your Declaration, think about WHO it is that you’d love to Create your Self to BE — I call this the Ultimate Question).

(2) For just one morning, handwrite a few Declarations within the first 20 minutes of the morning (this should take a few minutes, that’s it).  Think about who you’d love to create yourself to be THAT day, and declare it!

So let it be written, so let it be done.


Isn’t it always so amazing to look back and see how God has helped us along the way?

(sidenote: when I use the word “God,” please know that I mean the God of my understanding.  I have my own beliefs of what God is and isn’t.  Please also know that I respect all belief systems, even if you don’t have one.)

It reminds me of a story that’s often told In recovery meetings as a metaphor for how God works in our lives.

There’s a good chance I’ll butcher this story, but what the heck.

Here goes…

In ancient England, before electricity was invented, someone was hired to light the City lamps each night.

Looking at the City from a distance, you could’t see the person who was lighting the lamps.

But you could see where they had been.

That’s how God works in our lives.

Sometimes we can’t see Him at work in the moment, lighting the way.

But when we look back, we can see where He’s been.


I hope you have an illuminated week.

Here is the video I mentioned with Steve Hardison: DEUCE LUTUI STORY





Believing in you,


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