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Working Remotely Best Advice

Here is a short, simple, and powerful list to serve your adjustment to working remotely:

  1. Cultivate your environment in a way that brings you joy and feels great (i.e., music, candles, diffuser, sage, ambient lighting).
  2. Enjoy the benefits! (i.e., take short breaks for healthy snacks, wear the most comfortable clothing you own, drink coffee from your favorite mug).
  3. Be intentional about your morning ritual(s). Complete simple and effective activities that generate positive and empowering thoughts and emotions (i.e., gratitude practice, meditation, exercise, reading, journaling, prayer).
  4. Incorporate effective in-home workouts into your daily routine (make sure of course to allow your body to recover as necessary). Here’s a fun and insanely difficult pushup challenge.
Believing in you,
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