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You lack for NOTHING

I met someone last weekend who shared with me a story I’ll never forget.

He told me the story about how he had the WORST year of his life right after he made a MILLION dollars.

He hit rock bottom emotionally and spiritually.

He had everything he thought he wanted and needed to be happy: his health, a beautiful apartment in Manhattan, a loving spouse, family, and tons of money.

He believed, like so many do, that once he had all of these “things” that he would find what he had been seeking his whole life.

He would finally feel complete, worthy, and HAPPY.

Yet, he not only felt empty and wanting when he reached his life goals… he felt worse than ever.

All the stuff he had accomplished and accumulated up until that point hadn’t been enough.

He still wanted and believed he needed more.

So he asked himself…

“Now what?  What else can I achieve or accumulate?”

His brain replied, “prostitutes!”

So he started indulging himself… all the while having a newborn baby of just 1 years-old in the apartment.

That obviously didn’t fill his void either.  That was when he reached the brink of suicide.

Imagine that.

You meet a young guy in good physical health who’s married with two kids, a million dollars, and owns a beautiful apartment in New York City.

Most people would likely presume that he had it “all” and was therefore living in a constant place of bliss.



You see, he operated from a place of lack and formed what are called special relationships with certain things.

Special relationships happen when we bestow upon someone and/or something the power to complete us.

The mere formation of such a relationship presupposes a belief that we are incomplete.

We form special relationships with people, objects, money, ideologies, etc.

It’s quite common.

We think once I have X amount of dollars, then I’ll be complete.

Once I have found that special someone, then I’ll be complete.

Once I have a house and a family, then I’ll be complete.

Once I get that job, then I’ll be complete.

The list goes on and on.

What a web the ego can spin.

When the egoic mind runs the show, we operate from this place of lack and therefore “need” someone or something to complete us.

When we find or get that someone or something special, we might even feel complete and invigorated for a while.

The moment, however, when it’s gone or takes a shape different than what validated us in the first place, special love can quickly turn into special hate or special hurt.

We can grow angry, resentful, or bitter.

We can feel lonely, fearful, or depressed.

We can feel defective, unlovable, or incomplete.

This is what happens when our egos run the show.  When we operate from the ego, we see through the lens of fear, and form special relationships.

When our Spirit runs the show, everything shifts.

When we operate from the Spirit, we see through the lens of love, and form healthy relationships.

(Healthy relationships are relationships we form from a place of wholeness and completion, where we experience profound joy without any underlying fear of loss).

We begin to live by one of the most important truths on the way to living FULLY the life that’s within us.

It’s a truth that is always true…

We lack for NOTHING.

The peace, joy, freedom, and fulfillment we endlessly seek are already upon us.

We are loved, loving, and lovable already and always.

We are complete, worthy, and safe already and always.

Not because of anything we did or accomplished, but because of who and what we are.

At our very core…our essence…we are whole and complete.

We need not any thing to be or feel complete.

When we can awaken to this truth, that anxious longing for “more” dissolves.

We can start appreciating and basking in the joy, wonder, and value of the present moment.

Rather than operate from a place of lack and obligation, we operate from a place of wholeness and freedom.

The cloud of egoic needs clears and we can begin having FUN creating the true desires from our heart and Spirit.

The gentleman’s story ended happily…

After he surrendered to the God of his understanding, he started to understand this truth and to make the ultimate shift: from ego to Spirit.

He had an epic awakening and went on to recover fully.

He righted his wrongs the best he could, and does his best now to do the next right thing, one day at a time.

He lives today happy, joyous, and free.

Not because of anything external, but because of his personal and spiritual growth and development.  (Happiness is an inside job).

What he had been searching for in all these “things” had been in him and there all along.

What he was looking for in others was really his true Self.

He lacked for NOTHING.

At the end of our conversation, I thanked him for reminding me of what I already knew to be true, and for helping me obliterate any lingering shards of belief to the contrary.

The key here then is to fully integrate this truth so we, too, may begin to make the ultimate shift.

So we can operate from a place of freedom and completion.

So we can have fun creating the desires from our heart and Spirit.

So we can consistently feel true peace, joy, freedom, and fulfillment.

So we can form healthy relationships.  


I’d love to end this post with a passage from The Way of Mastery…

“Peace then, be with you always.  Let peace pervade your whole being at all times.  Know that you are safe in the Love of God that arises from that great Source of mystery and would move through you with every breath you breathe and every word you speak, until you hear only that impetus of guidance that wells up from the depth of your being as a gentle voice that you trust completely.  And you will know the freedom that you seek.”


Have an incredible week.

I pray that you receive unexpected blessings from unexpected places at unexpected times.



Believing in you,

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