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Create Your Own Belief System

Ever notice the immense impact of the disempowering beliefs we hold as true?

Ever notice how they are just beliefs and not the truth yet they create a reality?

In a recent study, a group of healthy individuals were told by a trusted authority that they had a genetic disorder when in fact they didn’t.

The group of healthy individuals began to actually develop the physiological symptoms of the genetic disorder… not because they had the disorder but because they BELIEVED that they had it.

Their lung capacity decreased and their cardiovascular systems diminished.

Beliefs are POWERFUL.

The art and science of uncovering disempowering beliefs, clearing them, and then creating a new possibility… is one of the most powerful and life-altering skills one can cultivate.

The really interesting thing about beliefs is that they’re self-perpetuating and bolster themselves.

Beliefs create a reality and then that reality serves as evidence to bolster the “truth” of the belief.

For example, take the belief “things are gonna get more and more difficult as time goes on.”

That belief will contribute to creating the experience of ever-increasing difficulty.

Each time we perceive an aspect of life growing in difficulty, we’ll strengthen the corresponding belief.

Even when things happen with ease, we’ll chalk it up to luck or something else.

Selectively collecting only evidence that proves the “veracity” of our belief.

We sometimes act like lawyers advocating zealously for our limiting beliefs.

It’s fascinating when we fight strenuously for our limiting and disempowering beliefs.

Though it makes perfect sense given the nature of our being.

My study of ontology shows the nature of being for human beings consists of a powerful and often unconscious concern to be right.

We LOVE to be right.

We’ll even sacrifice our happiness and peace just to be right.


We’ll discount experiences contrary to our beliefs so we can be right.

This goes deep and much of this occurs on a subconscious level.

This type of inner work is called transformation at the level of thought.

The most deep and valuable inner work.

It might take a bit for this to click (or perhaps you’ve got it already).

When it clicks.

A opening will happen for you.

You’ll feel the energy of the insight and begin to notice more and more the beliefs that are creating your experience.

As you grow in your capacity to notice your disempowering beliefs, I’d invite you to gently clear them, then try on a new possibility and see what shows up for you.

You’ll likely get to witness the most epic transformation.

You’ll see that you can create your own belief system aligned with what you really want.


Let go of the ontological concern to be right.

Expand self-awareness.

Uncover the beliefs not serving you.

Clear em.

Try on a new possibility.

See what shows up.

Experience the transformation.

Upgrade your beliefs.

Upgrade your life.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday season.

Much love.

Believing in you,



I AM Pure Love.
I AM whole, worthy, and complete.
I AM deeply grateful for my life and everyone in it.
I AM loved, loving, and lovable.
I AM Powerful, Fearless, Direct, and Clear.
I AM my word.
I AM that no one is worthy of my judgment and that everyone is worthy of my love.
I AM that I see God is everyone and everything because God is in my mind and Heart.
I AM empathy and deep compassion.
I AM that I free others to be.
I AM a Master and a Student.
I live, I love, I learn, and I serve profoundly.
I AM happy, peaceful, humble, and kind.
I AM lightness, laughter, and fun.
I AM strong, healthy, and confident.
I AM awesomely and graciously authentic.
I AM that I love me and take great care of me.
I AM loving permission to make mistakes and grow through everything.
I AM loving permission to prioritize my happiness and wellbeing.
I AM loving permission to do and say what I honestly think is best, even when others can’t hear or understand me.
I AM that life is simple and I create all of my deepest desires with ease.
I AM the most powerful, loving, intuitive, effective, and empowering Coach in the industry.
I AM commitment, leadership, and integrity.
I AM that I love and believe in you.
I AM that I see your humanity and Divinity.
I AM acknowledgment, enlightenment, and expansion.
I AM inspiration and empowerment.
I AM life-altering shifts in thinking and being.
I AM Growth & Transformation.
I AM freedom, deep fulfillment, and pure bliss.
I AM dreams come true.
I AM total life satisfaction.
I AM profound presence, deep listening, healing, and comfort.
I AM Divine Intuition.
I AM electric.
I AM creative, sharp, brilliant, efficient, and effective.
I AM madly in love with my stunning, beautiful, brilliant, supportive, and loving wife, Kylie.
I AM one with the God of my understanding and moved by Spirit.
I AM that I fear nothing. Not even fear itself.
I AM Total Trust in God.
Abundance is my birthright.
I AM the One.
I AM Home.
I AM aligned.
I AM free.
Be still and know that I AM.



“I just had a 2-hour intensive coaching session with Stephen today and I feel compelled to share my feedback.

Stephen is an extraordinary human being and one of the finest coaches in the world.

I don’t say that lightly.

I’ve been in and around personal development, coaching and therapy for the last 25 years so I know a great coach from a “meh” coach.

Stephen is exceptional.

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who has his presence.

He listens deeply like his life depends on it.

He has the rare gift of being able to see what most people miss.

Insight after insight.

The way he sees you, gets you, and holds space for you makes you realize your magnificence.

And his heart is HUGE ♥️

He is worth every penny. And more.

Thanks Stephen. You really are a gift and I’m so happy I met you. Much love, Charles ♥️”

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