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Manifesting Miracles (The Sacred Sequence)

An incredible and mystic power to shape our reality lies dormant within each of us. Once awakened, we can manifest miracles and create a life beyond our wildest dreams.

The Sacred Sequence is a simple yet profound process that awakens this power. The sequence begins by cultivating two potent emotions, gratitude and self-love, which serve as the bedrock upon which the manifestation process takes root. We first generate gratitude and self-love because they elevate our state of being (vibration), which accelerates the time it takes for our dreams to become reality, and because they prime the soil of the mind into fertile ground where new seeds of possibility can be planted and nourished into abundant blossoming.

The Sacred Sequence is a simple 3-step process:

Step 1: Cultivate gratitude.

Step 2: Cultivate self-love.

Step 3: Manifest your dreams.


A heart filled with gratitude is a magnet for miracles.”

Gratitude is a magnet for miracles because it is among the most spectacular energies in the Universe. Whether we are appreciating how much we’ve grown, our loved ones, clean water, food in our refrigerators, divine guidance, or simply the beauty of the world around us, taking a moment to slow down and appreciate our blessings shifts our perspective, produces a wonderfully powerful vibration, and sets the stage for successful manifestation.

Give yourself permission right now to take a nice deep breath, close your eyes, and think about three things for which you feel deeply thankful.


To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” ~ Robert Morley

We can cultivate the experience and energy of self-love, the second pillar of The Sacred Sequence, by acknowledging ourselves. Acknowledgments are speech acts of love and creation. How we talk to ourselves shapes our relationship with ourselves and determines who we become. Often, we are our harshest critics, judging ourselves for our mistakes and perceived shortcomings. Acknowledgements evolve the conversation in our mind into one characterized by love, and assist us to create ourselves in the highest image.

You can acknowledge yourself by finishing the following sentence: “I love me for _____________.” Don’t hold back! Shower yourself with heartfelt acknowledgments, love yourself well, and expand an already powerful gratitude vibration.


Imagination and faith are the secrets of creation.” ~ Neville Goddard

The third and last pillar of the sequence is to manifest!

Here is one way to effectively manifest:

The key to successful manifestation is to slowly write three of your heart’s deepest desires while seeing what you would see and feeling what you would feel upon fulfillment of those desires, resting in the satisfaction of their completion, and resigning to the inevitability of your success. Give yourself full permission to manifest without any concern about the ‘how.’ Allow yourself to imagine and delight in the bliss of your wishes fulfilled. The Universe will respond accordingly.” ~ The Miracle Journal: With Love Notes & Love Quotes (page 6).

The Sacred Sequence opens up new realms of possibility and invites the energies of gratitude, self-love, and intentional creation to flow freely through us, propelling us into a state of being where miracles abound.

If you are looking for a great journal that uses The Sacred Sequence, you will love The Miracle Journal: With Love Notes & Love Quotes, available on Amazon. Here is some feedback about the journal if you are curious:

If you want to know Love at its very core, it is this book. The Miracle Journal has completely opened my heart to realize who I AM. It has not only helped me create miracles but also receive miracles.” ~ Joe

Do you believe in miracles? Last fall I received this journal, signed by the author Stephen Sainato. I knew I was headed for a very trying time mentally & emotionally in the Spring of ‘23. When I was ready, I opened the journal and began my journey. Each time I wrote, I wrote with deep intention and sincerity. My confidence was growing, I could feel it. I needed to manifest a miracle so I kept writing, every few days completing a practice of expression. While several other factors contributed to my perfect storm, in the end-my miracle was manifested! I am certain this journal prepared me to perform at my highest level, which was crucial to the outcome. I am so very grateful for this experience, and I feel empowered to manifest so much more ahead. ( You can find it on Amazon if you are searching for your own miracles!)” ~ Patty





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