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The Miracle Journal

Miracles will lead the way, and the whole of creation shapes itself to be of service to the one that is anointed and claims it.
~ The Way of Mastery

I recently released The Miracle Journal!

I’ve included a few pictures below to give you an inside look at the Miracle Creation Pages.

The Miracle Journal was created from a place of divine inspiration and love; it fuses ancient wisdom, modern science, and intuition into a simple journaling framework that supercharges your power to create and manifest love, miracles, and abundance.

The heart of The Miracle Journal consists of Miracle Creation Pages, which include Deep Gratitude Cultivation, Self-Love, Manifestation, Love Notes, Declaration of Being, and Love Quotes.

Concise instructions are provided in the beginning to understand how best to activate each component.

You will be moved into gratitude and self-love, guided to fulfill your deepest desires, and supported to become who you are destined to be.

This is something you can keep close to your heart and use however your intuition guides you. I recommend using it regularly as part of a sacred morning or nighttime ritual.

The daily journaling takes just a few minutes to complete.

I pray that you step into your love and into your power to create the miraculous life that you deserve.

~ Stephen


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