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Introducing Grace Meetings (please read and share)

You might have seen my Facebook or Instagram (@stephensainato) post yesterday about Grace Meetings.

A few people have asked me for more info and how Grace Meetings came about.

Here it is…



Four separate occurrences inspired the creation of Grace Meetings.

Occurence 1

As most of you know, I entered a 12-step recovery program in 2011 after hitting rock bottom.

Weekly meetings are integral to the recovery program.

There’s one style meeting in particular that I find really powerful called speaker meetings.

They’ve helped transform my life in inarticulable ways.

My friend Tim (who we call Timtendo) and I have often discussed how impactful it would be to create something similar yet for everyone.

Occurrence 2

Last year my friend Valerie and I co-created an idea for a speaker event where we’d invite speakers to share how they overcame various human struggles.

Occurrence 3

The world entered a phase of dismay with the current pandemic and civil unrest.

Ever since about March or April 2020, I’ve had this burning desire to play bigger and be a stronger stand for the wellbeing of humanity.

I’ve spent a lot of time with the question: “how can I best serve humanity given who the God of my understanding has created me to be?

Occurrence 4

I started a leadership development program on July 25, 2020.

As part of the program we get to create something that serves as a vehicle for transformation.

I had no clue what to create until the night after the first full workday on July 25th.

My wife Kylie and I were discussing different possibilities that night, and then it hit…

A speaker meeting for everyone!



What Are Grace Meetings?

Grace Meetings are a safe and loving virtual space where at each meeting an inspiring speaker will share live for about 20-25 minutes how they overcame one of life’s most difficult and relatable challenges such as depression, loss, or addiction.

After the speaker completes, the space will open up for sharing. Participants can share what they discovered through their listening and anything else that’s on their heart.

Attendees present will discover insight, possibility, and hope.

We can hear firsthand a way to overcome challenges and be left in the presence of connection, empowerment, and Grace.

Meetings will be for approximately one hour.

Grace Meetings are intended to be flexible, cover all human struggles (including those requested by participants), and serve as a reminder that there is great power in human connection.

We will also hold meetings dedicated to speakers sharing how they caused life-altering breakthroughs and transformation.

Grace Meetings are FREE and for EVERYONE.

What’s So Right Now In The World?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health and common sense, there’s a really dangerous spike in human suffering happening. If no new action is taken, my concern is that many will continue to fall deeper into the depths of a very dark and painful place.

What’s also so right now is that many are using this time to work on themselves.

What’s Possible?

What’s possible by establishing Grace Meetings is that those suffering can have another chance at life. A chance to climb out of Hell. A chance to heal and grow. A chance to feel happiness and joy. A chance to flourish.

What’s possible by establishing Grace Meetings is that we can create a space to heal and grow together.

What’s possible by establishing Grace Meetings is that we can enhance the wellbeing of ourselves and our communities.

There’s a huge opportunity right now to make an enormous difference in the world and contribute something meaningful to humanity.



The first meeting will take place on Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 7pm Eastern.

Please join us if you can and please share this email with anyone you think would want to be with us.

The first week’s topic is Overcoming Depression.

I believe depression has touched most of our lives to one degree or another, and it will be incredibly insightful to hear how one overcomes it.

We have an amazingly courageous and talented speaker willing to share how he is overcoming depression.

Here is the link to sign up and get the Zoom info.

And for anyone who’d like to be involved in the creation and leadership process, please let me know. I’m sending an email to the service team in the coming days and I can include you.

We already have an amazing team of people stepping up to serve and be part of the Grace Meetings creation.

Let’s make a difference!


Thank you for allowing me to share with you.

Have a wonderful day and week.

Much love.

Believing in you,

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